Dante6 was founded in 2009 by Creative Director Evelyne Brekelmans who forms a powerful duo with her business partner, Managing Director Arlette Huisman. Run by a team of experienced and dedicated women, we believe in the power of community. We are the initiators of a platform, a womanhood, to make the fashion industry more sustainable and inclusive. We make luxury approachable by creating wear-forever essentials to love and to hold.

A revolution for a sustainable fashion industry

In 2020 we changed our delivery system, after years of ongoing research. It is our mission to unify in a revolutionary movement, where convincing and distinctive capsule collections are delivered monthly so that the clothing meets the needs of our beloved consumer. It includes a better delivery structure (eg. Autumn comes in store when it becomes Autumn) with the right products at the right time.

The need of women to continuously develop themselves must be fed with monthly inspiration. Our ready to wear collections, to love and to hold, directly reduce overproduction and mass consumption, for a more sustainable world.

We know we are not perfect yet; but we aim to make steps in all areas to become a more sustainable brand. Together, we can create the right focus on sustainability. Read here
about the key steps we are already taking. This is just the beginning…